Annual Renewal/ Reaffirmation and Request for Advancement
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For the year:

What are your reasons for seeking advancement or remaining a member of the Mercy of God Community?

Provide examples of how you are living the Mercy of God Community Rule and your sense of vocation:

What gifts or in what way are you willing to serve the Community?

In what other ways do you currently participate in the life of the Community and how do you reach out to members and associates?

Have you participated in MGC Formation over the past year?

Have you attended both the fall and spring retreats? If not, please state the reason for your absence?

Are you involved in some form of ministry? Please describe? If not, explain why?

Are you participating in Stewardship, and have you fulfilled last year's pledge?

Are you regularly participating in a local faith community, parish or congregation?

Are you engaged in Spritual Direction or do you have a Spiritual Companion?

Are there any concerns, questions, comments that you would like the Leadership Council to address?